The re­quire­ments for pre­par­ing text do­cu­ments and es­pe­cial­ly mu­si­cal do­cu­ments match­ing the high­est qua­li­ty stan­dards may va­ry quite con­sid­er­a­bly, de­pend­ing on the com­plex­i­ty of the source ma­te­ri­al and its in­tend­ed use. Ty­pi­cal­ly, there­fore, no stan­dard pric­es are giv­en for such ser­vic­es, since to do so would nei­ther make much sense nor re­flect pro­fes­sio­nal best practice.
I am, how­ever, more than hap­py to pro­vide a bind­ing quote – in­clud­ing dead­lines – based on your source ma­te­ri­al (be it com­plete or as a re­pre­sen­ta­tive sample).

All emen­da­tions and cor­rec­tions a­ris­ing from the ini­tial co­py edit­ing / proof­read­ing, as well as the prep­a­ra­tion of any per­form­ance ma­te­ri­als, are in­clud­ed in the quot­ed price.
If you are cur­rent­ly en­rolled as a stu­dent at a school or uni­ver­si­ty you will re­ceive a spe­cial discount.