I have ex­pe­ri­ence with scores and mu­si­cal ma­te­ri­als of all kinds span­ning more than fif­teen years. Dur­ing my child­hood and ad­o­les­cence I learn­ed to play the vi­o­lin and the pi­a­no, lat­er al­so learn­ing the vi­o­la.

From 1997 un­til 2002 I was a mem­ber of the Kom­po­nis­ten­klas­se Halle-Dresden (a com­pos­ing class for chil­dren and youth); from 2002 un­til 2010, I stud­ied com­po­si­tion at the Hoch­schu­le für Mu­sik Carl Ma­ria von We­ber Dres­den (the mu­sic con­ser­va­toire Dres­den). Dur­ing that time, I or­gan­ized nu­mer­ous con­cert pro­jects for which I was re­gu­lar­ly re­spon­si­ble for the prep­a­ra­tion and man­age­ment of scores and parts and for de­sign­ing post­ers and pro­gramme notes.

On oc­ca­sion I am a guest con­trib­u­tor for ScoringNotes (for­mer­ly SibeliusBlog).